4-6 February 2022

In 2022 we will host a series of ritual workshops and celebrations, connected to the Wheel of the Year. Every weekend is related to the circular journey of the sun, as celebrated in ancient witchcraft. We honor the Spring and Fall Equinox, Summer and Winter Solstices, and the intermediate moments of preparation and cleansing, of letting go of old habits, and embracing new outlooks. Connecting to the cycle of the year embeds the spiritual practice in an ancient context of cyclical awareness and the connection to nature, the change of the seasons, and the mysteries of death and rebirth that lie hidden under the surface. It also opens our awareness to the practices of the ancestors that lived on the land long before us, and that built the hummus out of which our spiritual awareness arose.

This first ritual weekend evokes the spirit of Imbolc, which falls between Winter Solstice (Yule) and Spring Equinox (Ostara). This ritual time evokes the spirit of preparation: we let go of old masks and hurts, we heal the wounds from the past. And start preparing for the return of the light, with some ritual cleansing and spelling. We invite the light to come back and prepare our bodies and minds to welcome its return. Imbolc is the time of the Maiden: the time of the Goddess in her pure state, innocent and glowing with an inner light. So we honor this side of us that is hiding under the layers of experience and hurt, that part of us that is always still there, untouched and undestructible.

Every weekend is built around one or more central group rituals, but next to that we make time for individual ritual crafting, singing, walking, meditation and other work.

PRICE: The whole Wheel of the Year cycle consists of 7 weekends, and we organize also a 1 week Witch Camp for Samhain on another location. Participation in one weekend costs 150 euro, including food and sleeping on a mattress in the studio space. If you want a bed in a (shared) room, you pay 20 euro pppn. If you book for 3 weekends you pay 400 euro, including food. The Samhain week is organized in a different way, and more information will follow soon.

LOCATION: Solwaster, close to Spa


LoveLore is an experimental witch lab with Elle Monk, Helena, Maria Lucia and Barbara as its first members. Love Lore means: the wisdom of connection, which is the secret of any great coven. Love Lore brings together contemporary witches with an interest in ritual crafting, soul politics and deep sharing. In 2022 Love Lore will organize for the first time the ReClaiming Witch Camp, which is planned to take place for the celebration of Samhain.

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