Meet Hekate, Goddess of magic, witchcraft, crossroads, ghost, and necromancy.

The queen and goddess of the night, Hekate is known to take trips to the underworld usually at night, accompanied by her hounds and by ghosts and by people that are considered outcasts.

In Homer’s version of the myth, the poet writes that Hekate witnessed the abduction of Persephone. So when her mother, Demeter started looking for her, she was able to tell her where she was. The myth says that Hekate armed with a flaming torch in each hand went looking for Persephone in the underworld, where Hades had taken her to make her his bride. Zeus had asked Hekate to bring Persephone back, but she didn’t do that, instead, she became her companion and helped her adjust to her new life. This was much appreciated by Hades, so Hekate was granted a permanent stay in the underworld and she could come and go as she pleased.

The goddess of crossroads is depicted with three human heads and that gave her the ability or the power to see in all directions at once, including the past, the present, and the future.

One of her powers is Mystiokinesis or reality-warping, which is the ability to cast and manipulate magic.

For the Samhain witch camp we will call on Hekate to accompany us on our way into darkness, the underworld, our ancestors, tricksters and ghosts.

illustration Mark Pozlep

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