WHEEL OF THE YEAR @ TheMonasteryLive

Hosted by El_Lore and friends

If you feel like sharing your practice with others, and developing your magic skills, in response and dialogue with the seasons, join us for one of the ritual gatherings. Every time we meet, we put the emphasis on a different process of transformation: sensual ecstasy for Beltane, shadow spirit work at Samhain, fire works for Summer Solstice…

Some of the meetings are planned on the day of the light change itself, but sometimes we also meet on the weekend closest to the event, so people with regular jobs can join too…

We practice ritual crafting, the movement and dynamics of group energy, invocations, scrying and spelling, and many other bits of craft… We do ask that you join us for the whole celebration since it is important to synchronize our presence leading up to the central ritual.


21-22/3/2023: Ostara Rituals – Celebrating Ostara on the night of the New Moon!

28-30/4/2023: Sensual Magic for Beltane….

21-22/6/2023: Summer Solstice

31/7-1/8: Celebrating Lunasa at the full Moon.

22-24/9/2023: Fall Equinox MABON – we take a whole weekend to celebrate the falling of the leaves

28/10-1/11/2023: Samhain – from the full moon to the dark night of the spirits at Samhain

18-24/12/2023: Yule Silent Ritual Week, ending on Christmas Eve.

LOCATION: Solwaster, close to Spa

RESERVATIONS: elle@themonastery.live

CONTRIBUTION: 25 euro/day, depending on the length of the celebration, food included. You can sleep for free in the studio (bring your own bedding), or reserve a bed in a shared room (no single rooms) for 20 euro/night.


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