Love Lore Reclaiming Witch Camp

29 October to 4 November 2022

It is happening!! The first Reclaiming Witchcamp in Belgium, a tradition of Witchcraft that began in the 1980s in Northern California in search for regenerative healing and political action and transformation.

We invite all (aspirant-) witches, sorcerex, magical activists, shamans, curandeiras, teachers, healers, fairies and other creatures, to join us on this journey into the dark, in search of our wild selves, our power, our light and creativity to nourish ourselves and our communities back to life. We seek justice for mother earth and all species, for those who are forgotten and unseen.

In this world in crisis, more than ever, we need our communities to reshape their relation to the world(s) and to each other. To bring collective healing and weave magic to political action and face reality in all its mystifying manifestations. The LOVELORE Reclaiming Witch Camp is a Celebration, an invitation to dive deep into our darkness and shadows and reconnect to our ancestral lineage and the land. With the help of our Ancestors, the spirits of the land, and timeless allies we reclaim the strength to find restorative, magically and practically.

Why face towards the darkness?

It is in the shadows, when facing our fears, that we find our power. In the process of shedding old skins, identities, ideologies, body images, we make space for the new: our rebirth. We compost that which is no longer vital; the energy reclaimed becomes light for the next cycle.

Running the Pentacle of Justice

LoveLore Samhain Camp is fuelled by a passion for justice and we have a unique pentacle that underlies our work of the week: The Pentacle of Justice. The points are:  Commemoration, Connection, Collective, Compassion, Continuity. 

Our evening rituals – dreaming the dark

Every evening there will be one ritual guided by the teachers in according to the journey of the week: the descent into the underworld or otherworld.

Darkness carries the creative potential from which all emerges: when things turn dark, shapes dissolve into nothingness, and there is nothing more to understand or to do. From there, we allow for ideas to appear renewed, for actions to surface from the depths. In the twilight zone our dreams are being conceived as seeds for the next cycle.


At Samhain we celebrate and dance in the twilight zone between the living and the (un)dead. In this time  of tricksters and transformation, we take  time to play with our hidden desires, to shapeshift and slip fluidly  between animal, vegetative, gender, and other shadow states. The veils between the worlds are thin: we can listen to our ancestors and allies,  surrender to  Spirit,  dance ourselves into oblivion and re-emerge to  embrace the mysteries of the dark.

For the LoveLore Reclaiming Witch Camp we come together to work with with experienced witches from the Reclaiming Tradition: Morgana (US), Lou Hart (UK),  Fortuna (NL), and their (also highly-experienced) team partners Elle (BE), Woody Fox (UK) and JD Kelley (UK).

Surrender to the dark, to resurface alight.

photo by Merel Claes

On the first day of the camp you can decide for one magical path activated by two teachers. Once you have decided you remain in the same trajectory to assure a careful guidance into your transformative process.

Your teachers are experienced witches from the Reclaiming Tradition: Morgana (US), Lou Hart (UK), Fortuna (NL), and their (also highly-experienced) team partners Elle (BE), Woody Fox (UK) and JD Kelley (UK).


29 October to 4 November 2022

Check-in on Saturday, at 12 noon

Check-out on Friday at 10 AM


500 euros -Early Bird price available to the first 20 witches responding – which they already did!! YEY!!!

450 euro student price – only available to the first 8 witches responding- few places left

650 euro – late birds for the whole week (includes food, luxury lodging, facilitation) + if you want a single room you pay 100 extra (otherwise you share with another participant) .

* This camp is non profit gathering, weaving the magic hands and hearts of volunteer witches, this price is a fairly contribution to pay the food, accommodation and teachers.

*cancelations after the 21st of September, Summer equinox will be charged 50 per cent of its total amount.


We will work in a secret castle surrounded by a forest, a lake and a Celtic mound in the Ardennes (Belgium). If you come by public transport, the closest train station is Rochefort-Jemelle. There are public buses close by the castle and we will also organise shuttle cars for the arrivals.


The camp is open to curious, beginning and experienced witches alike. The workshops are given by witches acknowledged in the Reclaiming tradition from UK and US, and are open to different levels. 


To register click here, for more information contact us: