The Samhain Reclaiming witchcamp is taking place in a magic castle in the belgian Ardennes. We are keeping the exact location a secret, revealed to participants only.

The castle has been build next to a celtic mound, where two ley lines are crossing and next to a beautiful lake and forests. It is an exceptional place with ancient strong earth energies present.

The castle itself has been lovingly renovated in every detail, so that the rooms, beds and sanitary installations are both new and still in the spirit of the castle.

There are practice studios, outdoor areas and even a sauna.

The rooms can be chosen single or shared, all are located in the castle directly with view on forest, lake or mound.

The castle is closest to the train station Rochefort Frandeux, for people who come with public transport. We will also organise shuffle cars from the station.

the celtic mound
the lake
in the forest
one of the buildings
the salon
the dining room
example of a double bed room
one of the studios