Love Lore, the wisdom of connection, is the secret of any great coven. Love Lore brings together contemporary witches with an interest in ritual crafting, soul politics and deep sharing. In 2022 Love Lore will organize for the first time the ReClaiming Witch Camp, which is planned to take place for the celebration of Samhain.

Preparing for this one week-long meeting, we are diving deep into the preceding Sabbats, celebrating the journey of the Sun and the Earth, the meeting of the elements, in workshops, and meetings with other practitioners and seekers.

We will keep you updated online about what is happening, and if you happen to be based in Belgium or close enough to join us, you are most welcome to do so!

LoveLore at this moment is a coven of five: Elle Monk, Lady Lily, daughter of wolves, Barbara and Xavier.

Elle Monk is a self-proclaimed monk, living at The Monastery Live in the Ardennes (Belgium). She practices ritual crafting within a contemporary context, is the co-founder of the Dream Sxstars network, and also practices and teaches Sexual Magic . Her witch is inspired by her performance practice, and by the challenges facing us today in the face of ecological, sexual, ethical and existential challenges. She calls herself a spiritual pragmatist, staying close to the here and now, to create wormholes towards a deeper and wider connection to our interbeing.

Daughter of wolves is a woman, a river and a wolf.  Her magic is weaving kin potions with  trees, moss, lichen, sea salt, algae, ancestral plants and moon cycles. As witch and curandeira she is brading herb craft, celtic runes, earth stewardship, pagan rituals, animism, systemic constellations, magical activism, deep listening, embodiments and warrior goddesses.  She is the founder of voice of nature Kinstitute, an artistic fabulation combining juridical, ritualistic and restorative justice practices to imagine tools of reciprocal care between humans and more than humans. Her deep rooting with mother earth led her to a dedicated practice as guardian of nature through the exploration of performative rituals, animistic experiences, cosmic dialogues, meditations, incantations, silence and trance practices. Within the reclaiming tradition she did Sacred Earth Apprenticeship with Starhawk and Demetra Markis during 2017-18 and attended Tejas web witchcamp in 2019 and online 2020. 

Lady Lily Kin of Lilith, she who is dancing with the winged serpent – born in a female body. As a sci-fi priestess, she creates her own mythological narratives through which she travels into states of trance and collective dreaming. Her otherworldly realm is spirited by the divine darkness of the cosmic womb and the loving exchange with mother Gaia expressed through sacred trance and divine voice activation. Besides crafting rituals, she works with Oracle Arts, is a REIKI practitioner, has many years of experience in somatic movement practices and is currently studying Astrology and DEVA. With Elle, she initiated in 2021 DREAMSXSTARS, a collective for contemporary sxstarhood, with monthly Full Moon sessions. 

Barbara is a witch in the making. Interested in exploring dream realms, the healing of tarot, magical activism and the elements.

Xavier   Queering realities built by heteronormative societies for the sake of emancipation and liberty, x. is a shape-shifteress who desires to participate in the compilation of a library of magic spells and ancestral knowledge that everyone can share. The sharing of collective knowledge is one of the concerns they has developed along with Starhawk’s thoughts, as well as the possibility of archiving and the ways to transmitting them. In order to continuously connect with other than human, interested in communication, they is accumulating knowledge on the so-called Medicinal plants and their uses nowadays.