The LOVELORE Reclaiming Witch Camp is a Celebration, an invitation for all self-proclaimed witches to gather and share. One week-long we come together on a beautiful castle site, to explore rituals and the elements.

We dive deep into our darkness and shadows and reconnect to our ancestral lineage. Samhain is the celebration of the twilight zone between the living and the ones that passed on. It is a time of tricksters and transformation, a time to play with your hidden desires, to shapeshift between animal, vegetative, gender, and other shadow states. It is a time to dress up and surrender to the Spirit, to dance yourself into oblivion and embrace the mysteries of the dark.

We invited very experienced and queer witches from UK, US and Netherlands, to create a journey of 7 days morning workshops and evening rituals. The afternoons are free for individual and collective proposals. 

Our teachers will work on the themes of Samhain, a journey into the dark and into rebirth. There will be a basic workshop and 2 advanced workshops around connecting to the spirits and ancestors of the, practices such as trance singing / aspecting / shapeshifting / time travel. Depending on your experience as witch you can do the beginners course or join one of the advanced workshops.

The castle is located in a magical place, where there is a celtic mound, a drinkwater lake, and a forest around. The castle is a very special place, created with love for events like this.

The week includes a bed in single or shared room and wonderful vegan food, prepared by cooking witches.

Interested? Click here to read the full call for participants…