The witchcamp week is following a path – through the underworld into rebirth – and every day workshops and rituals will support and advance on this path.

Workshops are in the mornings from 9:30-12:00h.

There are 3 different workshop offerings and there is the Love Temple and the Care Room.

The Love Temple is an ongoing exploration in ecstatic practices.

The Care Room is a space for exchanging practices of care, body work, massage and other healing methods. It is also the space where one can come for support with difficulties or conflicts.

One workshop is for beginner level witches ‘call of the otherworld’ and there are two advanced workshops ‘Shapeshifting’ and ‘Songs for the spirits of the land’.

All information on the workshops is given on the first day of arrival, where participants can then choose, depending on their level of experience.

There will be delicious magical vegan lunch from 12:30-13:30h.

The afternoons are open for participants to propose and exchange practices. Other activities such as the Love Temple and The Care Room are possible to schedule and attend during these moments.

There is personal time for practicing, resting or going for walks and the preparation of the evening rituals.

Wonderful vegan dinner will be served from 18:00-19:00h.

The evening rituals start at 20:00.