The Witch Camp teachers all come with a vast experience in witchcraft, rituals and group work. Most of them are reknowned witches of the Reclaiming tradition. And every single one of them is dedicated to the magic work of transformation and growth…

MORGANA (she/they)


Morgana (she/they) practices and teaches magical, ritual, and theatrical arts. She is a deeply queer witch who loves stars, firelight, ocean, and music. Her magical practice includes breath, trance, pentacles, divination, drumming, and dancing. Her experience includes teaching at 19 WitchCamps in Texas, Germany, Wisconsin, California, British Columbia, and Alberta, as well as dozens of classes and workshops with Pentacles, Elements, Goddesses, Aspecting, and Consensus. A Reclaiming Initiate and one of the mothers of Tejas Web, her skills include ritual creation, magical tools, wordsmithing, music, and sacred drama. Morgana has organized and priestexed many Reclaiming camps, rituals, classes, restoratives, and intensives, and has been actively involved in BIRCH, Dandelion Gatherings, Witch Camp Council, and Spokes Council. She is also Co-founder and Producing Artistic Director of The VORTEX, a regional alternative theatre with a dedicated ensemble of artists who have created a cultural harbor in Austin, Texas.

LOU HART (she/they)

Lou Hart

I am a queer witch, priestess, artist, musician, and writer and a Radical Faerie! (I was given my faerie name, Loup garou, at Short Mountain in Tennessee). I am also one of the founders of Queer Pagan Camp in the UK (back in 1998).  Initiated in the Ninth Wave tradition in the UK some 35 years ago, (a ritual drama witchcraft tradition), I have taught Ninth Wave witchcraft and the ins and outs of ritual and witchcraft in the UK to many groups – same sex, mixed and other queer-identified – and to individuals. Having been a member of Mad Shamans  (and briefly of the Shamanic Hallucinatory Advisory Group),  I work with  other techniques such as path working, shamanic postures, journeying and trance drumming. I am part of the Dragonrise Reclaiming Community in Britain.

I am very well versed in folklore and mythology, particularly in the Welsh and Irish traditions but also local to areas in the UK and have worked/or still work with both Blue and Black Annis, Andraste, Bran and Artio the Bear Goddess.  I have aspected many of these deities.I am also excited by ritual drama and making and using masks for ritual. 

I am the author of various papers which I have presented at conferences (including ‘Magic is a Many Gendered Thing’ and contributions to pagan anthologies such as ‘The Wanton Green’) and I play piano, piano accordion, djembe, banjo and anything else I can get my hands on.

I love exploring trance dances and have run these with live drummers. I am very interested in lost deities and contact with spirits of the land and contacting them through trance, dreamwork and ritual. Currently, I am working with Santa Muerte, who came to me during lockdown and brought spirit visitors to me, whose portraits I am producing in felt.

FORTUNA SAWAHATA (she/her/they)

I am a witch, divinatrix, writer, occasional medium, intuitive astrologer, fine art curator, and teacher of magix (one on one, workshops and at Reclaiming witch camps since 2007). I am an initiate of Anderson F(a)eri(e) Trad, and have contributed to several books focused on Reclaiming, as well as several Tarot-focused publications. These include ‘Elements of Magic: Reclaiming Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit’  (edited by Jane Meredith and Gede Parma, Llewelyn 2018) and ‘21+1: The Fortune-Teller’s Rules’ (edited by Camelia Elias, Eyecorner Press 2018), the upcoming ‘Earth Spirit: Honoring the Wild’(edited by Irisanya Moon, Llewelyn 2023) and a yet-to-be-named compilation on Tarot coming in 2023 from Beewitched Press. 

My magickal work is to help others find their Power through Connection: connection to their Godsoul/Higher Self, Allies, Godds, Angels, Fey, personal magickal practice, and individual identity as a magickal Being. Are you a witch or magician, shaman or cunning person, sorcerex, priestx or something Other? What feeds your daily practice – performing the LBRP, running the Iron Pentacle, making offerings in Nature? Identifying this can help you find your Work, and your Worth, in this living breathing Multiverse.

The juicy, sometimes challenging play between structure and flow, form and ecstatic freedom, hard work and utter laziness, Lux and Nox – the dance of the Divine Twins, in other words – is the edge where I seek my own power. Divination, astrology, and other whisperings of the limitless multiverse help guide the way. 

One thing I know: 

This Life is sacred. Let’s make magick of it. 



Woody Fox has been an initiated witch for the last 45 years, first taught by the Fae and later initiated into Gardnerian Wicca and he also trained in Celtic shamanism. He has been a devotee and priestx of the antlered god Cernunnos for the last 25 years and he is a Seer working with the spirit world, Totems,the Fae and many (mostly European) deities.

 He is a cis queer male shamanic witch who delights in empowering other people and beings. He was one of the 3 co-creators of Queer pagan camp in 1998 which embraced all people and all identities as well as co-creating Cernunnos camp which was dedicated to those called to learning from the Horned God.

 He’s run a huge amount of rituals over the years at camps, in the community and privately and was a student teacher at the 2019 Dragonrise Reclaiming Witchcamp. To earn money he is a willow sculptor and children’s illustrator specialising in animal forms.

He has been an activist for animal and human rights (both physical and magical) over the decades and his passion is the Earth , all of it’s inhabitants and their right to freedom and equality. He delights in spellwork,trancework,creative and artistic magic , shamanism and working with the Fae and the spirit world (and obviously ritualising with Cernunnos!)

JD KELLEY (he/him)

JD Kelley

JD finds his way through portent and presence. He hails from the urban jungle of NYC, the springs of southern Alabama, and the rolling dunes of Florida’s gulf coast. He is a child of wyrd-ness and delightfully dances in the play of the living cosmos. 

He is a student of magical and mystical traditions both young and old and an enthusiastic practitioner of oracular arts, astrology, and astral magic. He has been flirtatiously engaged with Reclaiming since 2002, as of late with the DragonRise WC and with witchcraft formally since the age of thirteen.  For the last eleven years he has lived in England and Scotland, reconnecting with his ancestors of blood and practice, as well as, the tutelary spirits of these lands. He endeavours to weave the threads of practice and place between the old world and the new. JD takes a pan-poly-animist view in most of his goings-on.

He is the current chair for the Scottish Astrological Association, the president of the International Association of Astral Magic, and the organiser of Astro Magia. You can find him at Cunning as Folk where he teaches and practices his range of esoteric and interpretive arts, or you can follow his dance on all channels @cunningasfolk. 



ELLE MONK (she/us)

Elle Monk

Elle Monk is a self-proclaimed monk, living at The Monastery Live in the Ardennes (Belgium). She practices ritual crafting within a contemporary context, is the co-founder of the Dream Sxstars network, and also practices and teaches Sexual Magic . Her witch is inspired by her performance practice, and by the challenges facing us today in the face of ecological, sexual, ethical and existential challenges. She calls herself a spiritual pragmatist, staying close to the here and now, to create wormholes towards a deeper and wider connection to our interbeing.