The witches’ year is a celebration of Nature’s cycles: the Sun being reborn at Yule, to come to its full power at Midsummer, and dying at Samhain. The relation of the Sun (the God) to the Earth (the Goddess) is what colours the Sabbats that honour the Equinoxes, the Solstices and the intermediary tipping moments. Moving from a state of fullness, into a process of diminishing. From celebration into observation, moving with the seasons, and connecting our own inner awareness process to that of the Cosmic Mother.

In 2023 LoveLore will host a series of ritual workshops and celebrations, connected to the Wheel of the Year. Every weekend is related to the circular journey of the sun, as celebrated in ancient witchcraft. We honor the Spring and Fall Equinox, Summer and Winter Solstices, and the intermediate moments of preparation and cleansing, of letting go of old habits, and embracing new outlooks. Connecting to the cycle of the year embeds the spiritual practice in an ancient context of cyclical awareness and the connection to nature, the change of the seasons, and the mysteries of death and rebirth that lie hidden under the surface. It also opens our awareness to the practices of the ancestors that lived on the land long before us, and that built the hummus out of which our spiritual awareness arose.

Every weekend is built around one or more central group rituals, but next to that we make time for individual ritual crafting, singing, walking, meditation and other work.


21-22/3/2023: Ostara Rituals – Celebrating Ostara on the night of the New Moon!

28-30/4/2023: Sensual Magic for Beltane….

21-22/6/2023: Summer Solstice

31/7-1/8: Celebrating Lunasa at the full Moon.

22-24/9/2023: Fall Equinox MABON – we take a whole weekend to celebrate the falling of the leaves

28/10-1/11/2023: Samhain – from the full moon to the dark night of the spirits at Samhain

18-24/12/2023: Yule Silent Ritual Week, ending on Christmas Eve.

LOCATION: Solwaster, close to Spa

RESERVATIONS: elle@themonastery.live

CONTRIBUTION: 25 euro/day, depending on the length of the celebration, food included. You can sleep for free in the studio (bring your own bedding), or reserve a bed in a shared room (no single rooms) for 20 euro/night.